Meet the new TerraStride Pro all-terrain running shoe: the ultimate in versatility

  • Experience the smoothest transition from trail to road
  • With high-tech responsive cushioning for the hardest surface
  • Superior traction ensures you won’t slip on wet rocks, muddy paths, or loose sand
  • Supremely flexible, moving with your foot wherever it falls.
  • Lightweight so you can run faster for longer
  • Waterproof Goretex protection keeps your feet dry even in the muddiest conditions

Conquer the trails with TerraStride Pro

Tough trails demand versatility from a running shoe, and the TerraStride Pro delivers just that. Designed for the adventurous soul, this shoe makes every terrain feel like home. 

Responsive cushioning adapts to every surface, providing the perfect balance of comfort and ground feel, wherever you run. 

Its aggressive multi-directional lugs give you unparalleled grip, so you can tackle muddy inclines and rocky descents with complete confidence. 

TerraStride Pro’s reinforced toe guard and underfoot plates protect your feet from rocks and hard objects.

The adaptive lacing system provides a snug fit, so the shoe moves with you, not against you.

And this shoe is so light, and so flexible, you’ll be running faster, for longer, before you know it.

No more wet feet either – the breathable GORE-TEX inner membrane keeps your feet dry, whatever the weather. 

TerraStride Pro provides a seamless blend of protection, performance, and comfort. So dive into the wild, knowing you’re wearing the best in trail technology and rediscover the joy of running.