Broken Hearted

A logo concept for a business making recycled furniture. 

The brief – bold colours and a cool vibe.

The idea – to show something beautiful being created from something broken. 

Lindeth Kennels

Rebranding for a luxury dog boarding kennels.

Custom lettering.

James Murray

Logo concept using the initials J and M

Vintage Lettering Project

A personal project exploring vintage lettering techniques. 

Hand-drawn custom lettering.

Furness Veterinary Centre

A logo for a new veterinary centre in Cumbria.

Personal Logo Ideas

Initial ideas for a personal logo exploring a combination of the letters L and M.

Free Planet

A logo concept for a company selling 100% plastic-free products.


An illustration using tattoo and day of the dead imagery.

Laura's Catering Company

A logo concept for a vegan catering company. 

I used custom monoline lettering and a minimalist design to create a modern feel.

Fly High

An illustration using tattoo-type imagery.

Tarnside Craft Beer

Concepts for a logo and label for a craft beer company.

Callen's Ice Cream

Concepts for logo and label for a plant-based ice cream company.