Lindeth Kennels Case Study

A logo and branding makeover

Lindeth Kennels is a high end boarding kennels in South Cumbria. Ann and Tim Boardman pride themselves on providing a first class service with luxury accommodation and care. They want their logo and branding to reflect this. 

The brief was to create a branding makeover whilst retaining the essence of their current brand.

There were two main elements to their current visual branding:

Their logomark – a black Labrador dog.

Their logotype – the title of their business written in an old style script font.

The original business card showing their logomark and logotype at the top

Ann and Tim love Labrador dogs. They’ve kept them throughout their marriage and it was important to them that they retain the black labrador logomark in some form.

They also felt that the traditional script font reflected their values of providing luxury and first class care for the dogs that boarded with them.

I decided to start by working on the logotype – the name of the business in its script font.

I felt that the letter ‘L’ of Lindeth looked too large for the rest of the font, and the letter ‘K’ at the beginning of the word Kennels, looked over-complicated. There was also an untidy tail at the end of the final ‘S’.

I had the original script font in pixel format but I needed the final lettering to be in vector format so that it could be enlarged to any size. I completely redrew the lettering in vector format, with alterations and adjustments to the letters and spacing, to make it more attractive.

This was the final logotype – a tidied-up version of the original logotype, but still retaining its classic and traditional look.

Next I started sketching to come up with a simpler and cleaner version of the black labrador logomark.

This was one of many initial pencil studies for the Labrador logo mark

I gradually refined and simplified the Labrador drawing.

I finally honed it down to the version seen above, which was simple enough to work well, even at smaller sizes.

Next I put the logotype and logomark together, and added the tag line. I used a sans serif font for the tag line, called Myriad Pro. The simplicity of a sans serif font created a nice contrast with the complexity of the script font.

The final version was clear-cut and classic in look.

I supplied guidance on the use of the logo, including the recommended spacing around it, whenever it was used on their website, or in print.

Fonts recommended for the website, or print, were ‘Cabin’ for titles, and ‘Open Sans’ for body content.

Both of these fonts are open source and available from the Google fonts library.


I recommended the use of a specific light blue colour on their promotional material, and a darker blue colour for contrast when needed.