Get Started With SaaS Billing Software: What You Need to Know

For a tech-savvy entrepreneur, Software as a Service (SaaS) might just be the ideal business model for a new profitable venture. There are generally lower up-front costs than traditional business models, a fast time-to-market, with an opportunity to generate recurring revenue. But SaaS comes with unique challenges, and one of the most pressing is how […]

SaaS Churn: How to Keep Your Rates Low

Are your churn rates uncomfortably high? And how high is too high anyway? Average churn varies widely across multiple factors ‌such as market, company age and size, and even time of year, so it’s difficult to pinpoint an acceptable level. It’s certain, though, that the lower the churn rate, the better for your business. For […]

Small Business Marketing on a Budget: The Ultimate Guide

Marketing may seem complex, expensive and confusing for a small business owner. Although large companies can spend big budgets on marketing, small businesses just don’t have those sorts of funds, and trying to be seen in a competitive marketplace may seem futile. But there are extremely effective low-cost and even no-cost ways of small business marketing. And […]